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Pool Inspections

Having your pool inspected means having an experienced pro looking at every aspect of its condition. We’ll examine every part of a pool from the deck to the deep end, so you’ll have a visual diagnosis of its condition from a trusted source. In addition to looking at the condition of a pool, your local KC Pool is ready to make sure it meets all local safety requirements to avoid any surprise code violations.

An KC pool inspection looks at the following details of a pool:

  • Visible appearance of tile, deck, and coping
  • Deck equipment condition
  • Water chemistry
  • Safety equipment condition
  • Pump and motor condition
  • Booster pump condition (if present)
  • Pool Filter Condition
  • Heater condition
  • Lighting and electrical condition
  • Valve functionality

When we finish your inspection, you’ll receive a detailed pool inspection report containing information regarding nearly 100 components. This information will provide a snapshot of your potential pool’s condition and warn you of potential pool repair needs like resurfacing or pump leaks as well as maintainance issues. With our help, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your new pool won’t be more hassle than it is fun!

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